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Description :-

KFM 2100 Series is an advanced flow element that is suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement with high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to its patented design where a stream lined bullet shaped flow element that causes a minimum disruption to the flowing medium providing unmatched flow turn-down with very low pressure drop. KFM 2100 series is available as a flow element separately as well as a complete flow meter. In the first option, you have a choice of using a differential pressure transmitter of your preference. Alternatively, we can integrate the KFM flow element with a differential pressure transmitter and supply as a fully calibrated unit.

M-10000 Series Feature rich flow meter and switch with in-line flow

Description :-

Tangential turbine flow meters continue to be the most common way to measure flow electronically in a wide range of industries. Enhancements to tangential turbine flow meter systems are producing a flow-sensing device that is smaller, easier to install, and more accurate than ever before. Malema manufactures a line of Tangential Turbine (also called Paddle Wheel) Flow meters that utilize sophisticated circuitry to foster signal conditioning.

M-XF Series Safety Excess Flow Valves


The M-XF excess flow valves provide instant shut off in the event of a hose break or line failure, preventing the release of hazardous or inflammable products to the area, which can result in a disastrous fire or explosion and untold damage to personnel and equipment. Most regulatory bodies require excess flow valves on hazardous fluid storage vessels and pipelines that carry them.

Adjustable Point Flow Switch M-100x Siries


The M-100X Series is an extremely sensitive flow switch. It has been engineered to monitor vital sample flow parameters for instrumentation in process control and inert blanket gases. It is used as an auxiliary alarm monitor for flow meters and is ideally suited for applications when installed on a bypass for determination of filter plugging. Infinite adjustment permits detection and signaling of very low fluid flows with the added  capability of detection in high flows.

Safety Access Flow Valve M-VF Siries


The M-VF Series Safety Excess Flow Valves are engineered for fast automatic shut-off in case of line, hose, or fitting failure protecting plant,  personnel, and instruments. Designed for protection of systems handling corrosive, toxic, radioactive, and flammable materials; the valve will  instantly detect surges in the system and stop fluid flow. The M-VF Series operates effectively with all fluids, liquids or gases.

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