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SOR® is your brand of choice when it comes to finding the ideal instrumentation that exactly fits the demands of your process. We earned our reputation for the quality and longevity of our mechanical devices by providing custom-built products for more than 60 years. Now we are manufacturing electronic instruments with the same attention to detail and customization options and are poised to introduce many more exciting new products in this category. Nearly every SOR product can be designed to meet the demands of your process and custom built to your exact specifications. All of this and quick delivery that matches off-the-shelf suppliers. SOR customer service is as legendary as our products. Backed by industry leading warranties, expert sales engineers and a worldwide network of knowledgeable representatives that will work with you in determining the product that best fits your needs.

Latest product from SOR!

  1. New 2210 chambered level switch is designed specifically to cover a wide range of applications for maximum flexibility.
  2. Redesign of  popular 1710 direct mounted level switch.
  3. 1100 series magnetic level indicator is now available. Provide clear and reliable indication of any process liquid.
  4. New 815PT Smart Pressure Transmitter are cost effective solutions for pressure measurement.



•Standard ANSI design

• Exotic materials available

• 5 year warranty


Safety, control and reliability are the hallmarks of SOR chambered switches. Designed to meet or exceed the most demanding industry standards, our mechanical level products have earned a reputation for being the highest quality instruments available. Models include a wide variety of chamber styles and are engineered with strict attention to detail to meet the exact specifications of your process.


• Long life due to limited piston movement

•Low set points – high working pressure

•Modular design

• Quick delivery

When your application calls for a long-lasting gauge, vacuum or compound switch, SOR is your logical choice. Our standard models are more than enough for process media, such as air, oil and water, however optional components can be easily specified for use in harsher environments and  processes. Weatherproof, explosion proof and hermetically sealed models are available. Every switch is custom made to exact customer requirements.


• Draft ranges to high working pressure

•Multiple sensor designs

• Wide variety of models and configurations

Accuracy, multi-use flexibility and the ability to match the instrument to the application distinguish SOR differential pressure switches from off-the-shelf products. Standard models are available in weatherproof, explosion proof and hermetically sealed configurations and can include an external set point adjustment mechanism for simplified calibration.


• Customizable sensor sizes

• Armored capillaries standard

Reliable, small dead bands make SOR temperature switches an industry leader year after year. Standard models with stainless steel sensors are designed for most any operation, but all models may be customized for severe process conditions. A flexible, modular design makes field mounting quick and easy. When your application requires quick response, choose SOR.


• Wide variety of pressure ranges

• Global agency listings

• Rugged stainless steel housing

Hermetically sealed with “set it and forget it” reliability makes SOR pressure transmitters perfect for applications when space is tight. Our stainless steel, explosion proof construction stands up to the rigors of hostile environments and hazardous locations. Available with either 4-20mA or 1-5 VDC outputs and adjustable ranges via the optional calibration kit.


• Standard solid stainless steel construction
• Low power option
• Pneumatic model option
• External manual check option

SOR cuts no corners in manufacturing its 1500 series of level instruments. Our best selling level switch is machined from stainless steel and can  withstand the harshest of process environments. Designed to meet customer demands for level products that require less space, but remain efficient, SOR engineers each of these switches to meet your specifications.


• Float or adjustable displacer models
• Multiple/flexible set points

Designed for situations when limitations prevent putting another chamber on the process vessel, SOR offers a full line of top-mounted, level switch  instruments. Engineered to order to meet your specifications and requirements, they may be mounted into an NPT or flanged connection on the top of the primary vessel eliminating the need for an additional chamber. Float and displacer models are available as are a variety of options such as a manual check mechanism.


• Variety of RF probes for multiple applications
• Single, multi-point or continuous output
• More than 10 models and multiple configurations

When your process calls for a point level or a continuous device, you can turn to SOR with confidence. Our RF contact probe models are the ideal answer for simple, contact level applications. If you require a more flexible solution, choose from our echOsonix® non-contact product line.

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