Maintenance, Repair and
Overhaul (MRO)

Ensuring your objectives are carried out seamlessly.

Have confidence in your operations when you engage us for our MRO services. It’s all about ensuring that your facilities, equipment, systems and tools are stocked, maintained and safe to use in all types of conditions.

Our MRO Package

    • Overhaul & Repair of Rotating/Static Mechanical Equipment, including Rotor Dynamic Balancing
    • Total Valves & Wellhead Maintenance
    • Machining & Metal Coating, including HP HVOF
    • Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) & Asset Management
    • Diesel Engine Services & Maintenance
    • HVOF Facilities
    • Mechanical Valve Services & Maintenance
    • Minor Fabrication Work
    • PRD Services & Maintenance
    • Rotating Equipment Refurbishment Work
    • Rotor-Balancing Work
    • Re-Engineered Solution & Reverse Engineering
    • Pump Rebuilt (Performance Improvements)

Optimise operations with our MRO solutions